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Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム
MOM-AND-POP (store)   家族経営の、夫婦で経営する(店)


  • A mom-and-pop business is a small business that is owned and operated by a family, especially a husband and wife.
  • mom-and-pop business とは、家族、特に夫婦などに所有され、経営される小規模な商売のことです。
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MOM-AND-POP (store)


  1. Downtown is just two city blocks, and most of the stores are mom-and-pop operations.
  2. Within a year after that warehouse store opened its doors, four out of five mom-and-pop stores in the area were out of business.
  3. I often stop by that little mom-and-pop greengrocer on the corner on my way home from the station.
  4. They started as a mom-and-pop carpet cleaning business operating out of a garage. But they quickly grew to become a major player in the industry.
  5. It's a local mom-and-pop movie theater run by a retired couple. They have the lowest ticket prices and best popcorn in town!

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