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2011.12.21 (Review of 2008.09.16 edition)

Today's Lesson
EXCLUSIVE   独占的な、排他的な


  • Something is exclusive if it is available only to one person or group of people and not to others.
  • exclusive とは、一人の人、または一つの集団のみが利用することができ、それ以外の人は利用できない、つまり、独占的な、排他的な、という意味です。
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  1. The retail chain is negotiating for exclusive rights to sell Berlitz bath products in North America.
  2. Their outgoing CEO has agreed to an exclusive interview for Berlitz Elite magazine.
  3. It's one of the most exclusive country clubs in the country. Membership is limited to top executives and professionals.
  4. (hotel employee to new guest)
    This is a private beach for the exclusive use of our guests.

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