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2011.12.26 (Review of 2008.12.26 edition)

Today's Lesson
(YEAR-END) CRUNCH   危機、(年末の)切羽詰った状況


  • A crunch is an urgent or difficult situation, especially one due to a shortage of time, money, or other resources.

    The year-end crunch is the period at the end of the year when people are especially busy because of increased business during the holidays, the year-end closing, or other tasks that must be completed before the year is over.
  • crunch とは、特に時間、お金、その他の資源の不足による、切迫した、または困難な状況のことです。

    year-end crunch は、クリスマス休暇中にたまった仕事、年度末決算、または年内に仕上げなければならないその他の仕事のために、人々が特に忙しい年末の時期をさします。
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  1. Due to a statewide budget crunch, money for public services is being cut across the board.
  2. One of the impacts of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States was a severe credit crunch.
  3. The reason she makes a six-figure salary is because she's the person we rely on at crunch time, when everything else has failed and time is running out.
  4. The long New Year's holiday is always especially sweet after all the hard work and stress of the year-end crunch.

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