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2012.01.04 (Review of 2009.06.23 edition)

Happy New Year!! It's an honor and a pleasure to be starting the New Year with you today. We have high expectations for 2012, and rest assured that everyone on the WordMaster team will be giving 110% to see that it's exactly the kind of fabulous year we imagine it will be!

Now, it's time to get down to business! There are few things as important as getting along with the people around us, especially in an office environment. So this week, we're making a list of some key expressions that deal with the art of interpersonal harmony!

Today's Lesson
PERSONABLE   人柄の良い、感じの良い


  • To be personable is to have a pleasant personality and manner.
  • personable は、人柄や態度が快い、つまり、感じが良い、という意味です。
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  1. (want ad)
    Great opportunity with a growing company for an outgoing and personable receptionist.
  2. (talking about a co-worker)
    I know Jerome works really hard, and he couldn't be more dedicated to the company. I just wish he were more personable.
  3. I found the sales agent helpful and personable.

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