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2012.01.05 (Review of 2009.06.24 edition)

Today we look at the detailed rulebook for getting along with others - a volume we'd all do well to review once in a while!

Today's Lesson
ETIQUETTE   礼儀、作法、エチケット


  • Etiquette is the set of rules regarding what is appropriate behavior in a particular situation.
  • etiquette とは、ある状況において、どのようなふるまいが適切か、ということに関する一連の決まりごと、つまり、礼儀、作法のことです。
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  1. a: Do you have a minute?
    b: Sure, what do you need?
    a: I was wondering if I could get some advice on business etiquette before I leave for Germany.
  2. It used to be considered bad etiquette to talk about religion or politics in casual social situations, but those days seem long gone.
  3. What's the proper etiquette when dining out with American clients?
  4. Professional etiquette in Japan requires that you present a person with your business card when introducing yourself.

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