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2012.01.06 (Review of 2009.06.25 edition)

Here's a good idea that, unfortunately, can be taken to extremes. You'll see what we mean at the end of today's edition!

Today's Lesson


  • Someone's speech or behavior is politically correct or PC if that person tries to avoid speaking or acting in ways that could hurt or upset someone of a particular race, gender, age, etc.

    The noun form is political correctness.
  • 人の発言や行動について politically correct または PC と言う場合、その人が、特定の人種、性、年齢などについて人を傷つけたり、怒らせたりする言動を取らないように気をつけている、つまり、差別や偏見のない、という意味になります。

    名詞形は political correctness で、差別や偏見のないことをさします。
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  1. A more politically correct term for "handicapped" is "disabled."
  2. The company has worked hard to make its hiring policies more politically correct. And I think the large number of female and minority workers here shows that we've been succeeding.
  3. It's simply not PC to refer to female coworkers as "girls."
  4. (foreman to workers)
    Political correctness means, for example, that it's unacceptable to tell jokes making fun of any race, ethnic group, or religion.

英会話レッスンPerhaps the WordMaster should start calling himself the WordPerson? :)

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