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Some of us need certainty in our lives. Others thrive on risk and possibility. Isn't it nice to know that there's a rate for everyone?

Today's Lesson


  • A price, an interest rate, someone's income, etc., is fixed if it can't be changed.

    An adjustable rate or variable rate is an interest rate on a loan that CAN change over time.
  • fixed は、価格や利率、収入などが変わることがない、つまり、固定の、という意味です。

    adjustable rate または variable rate は、時間とともに変わることがあるローンの金利、つまり、変動金利のことです。
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  1. (at a flea market; the price tag says $20.00)
    a: I'll give you $15.00 for this shirt.
    b: Sorry, but our prices are fixed.
  2. My grandmother lives on a fixed income, and the high inflation is really starting to affect her standard of living.
  3. Rent, insurance, salaries, and other fixed costs represent about 60% of our operating expenses.
  4. With home interest rates at record lows, almost everyone is getting fixed rate loans these days. After all, with an adjustable rate loan, there's really no place to go but up.
  5. Since I always pay the balance on my credit card every month, I don't really mind the variable rate (of interest).

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