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Requesting goods and services, keeping records of purchases and sales, and knowing whether you're in the black or in the red - that's the stuff of this week's WordMasters. Please join us for it all!

Today's Lesson
(PLACE AN) ORDER   注文(する)


  • To order (verb) - or to place an order for - products is to ask a business to make or supply them.

    An order (noun) is the products requested.
  • 動詞の order または place an order は、製品を製造したり、供給したりするよう企業に依頼する、つまり、注文する、という意味です。

    名詞の order は、依頼された製品、つまり、注文のことです。
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  1. a: The whiteboards you ordered arrived this morning.
    b: White boards? I didn't order any white boards.
  2. (on the phone with a customer)
    That price is only good until midnight tonight. Would you like to place an order now?
  3. I'll send you an order form by e-mail. Fill it out and send it to the address at the bottom of the form.
  4. We've just received an order for 2000 units. Check our inventory to see if we have enough stock to fill the order.
  5. (on the phone with the sales department)
    I'm sorry, but I'd like to cancel my order for an e-book reader.

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