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If you generate enough buzz around a product, you can sometimes sell it before it even hits the shelves. Now how sweet is that?!

Today's Lesson
PRE-ORDER   予約注文する、予約注文


  • To pre-order (verb) a product is to place an order for a product before it first becomes available in stores.

    The noun form is also pre-order.
  • pre-order (動詞)は、店で販売されるようになる前に、商品を注文する、つまり、予約注文する、という意味です。

    名詞形も pre-order で、予約注文、という意味です。
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  1. I'd recommend pre-ordering this item, since we'll likely sell out very fast.
  2. BerlitzSoft will start taking pre-orders for its new bPhone 4S on March 1st.
  3. It was the first video game title to reach 1 million in pre-orders before launch.

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