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Hello again! You're just in time, because your Thursday "order" has just arrived!

Today's Lesson
BACK ORDER   繰越注文、取り寄せ注文


  • A back order (noun) is an order for something that is currently not in stock.

    (For a seller) to back-order (verb) something that is currently not in stock is to make arrangements to supply or deliver it to the customer when more units become available.

    A item is on back order if the seller has back-ordered the item.
  • back order (名詞)は、現在在庫がないものに対する注文のことです。

    back-order (動詞)は、売り手が、現在在庫がないものが入荷したときに、顧客に供給したり、届けたりするように手配する、つまり、取り寄せ注文する、という意味です。

    商品について on back order と言うと、売り手がその商品を取り寄せ注文している状態をさします。
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  1. We've been working around the clock to fill a large back-order for a customer in Hong Kong.
  2. I'm rather low on inventory right now, so I'll need to back-order some of the units.
  3. We're sorry, but the item you requested has been back-ordered. We apologize for the delay.
  4. Those curtains are on back-order. It may be a few weeks before we can get them to you.

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