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2012.02.29 (Review of 2009.08.26 edition)

Happy Leap Day, and a very special "Happy Birthday!" to all our readers who were born on this rare and special day!

Now, down to business. Today through Friday, we'll attempt to demonstrate that, as remarkable an achievement as the invention of the phone was, there are still a few bugs to be worked out. To begin with - and with all due respect to Mr. Bell - we submit Exhibit A!

Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム
(YOU'RE) BREAKING UP   声が途切れ途切れである


  • If you break up while speaking on a cell phone, the connection is lost for a short time so that you can't be heard by the other person.
  • 携帯電話で話している場合において break up と言うと、少しの間接続が途切れて、声が相手に聞こえない状態をさします。
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  1. I'm having trouble hearing you. You keep breaking up.
  2. Sorry, but you broke up there. What did you say?
  3. a: You're breaking up. Are you on a cell phone?
    b: Yeah, I'm in the car. Can I get back to you later?

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