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Today's Lesson
IMPULSE (shopping)   衝動(買い)


  • An impulse is a sudden strong desire to do something that you didn't intend to do.

    Someone is impulsive if they tend to do things suddenly, without thinking carefully first.
  • impulse とは、するつもりのなかったことを、突然したいと強く思うこと、つまり、衝動のことです。

    impulsive とは、最初によく考えないで、突然何かをする傾向がある、つまり、衝動的な、という意味です。
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IMPULSE (shopping)


  1. (co-workers)
    a: What did you dye your hair red for?
    b: I just did it on an impulse.
  2. Impulse shopping has gotten a lot of people into credit card debt.
  3. (at the Customer Service counter)
    I'd like to return this food processor. I haven't opened it, and it was an impulse buy that I really don't need.
  4. (designing a new supermarket)
    We'll need some shelves at the checkout lines for displaying impulse items like candy and magazines.
  5. (Web designer)
    We've created a series of pop-ups aimed at impulsive shoppers, offering instant discounts on brand name goods.

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