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Hello again!

The science of happiness tells us that three of the most important ingredients for a fulfilling life are (1) being able to savor the moment, (2) knowing our strengths and using them well, and (3) healthy relationships. Well, here's one of the many ways that relationships can make life richer!

Today's Lesson
CONNECTIONS   有力な知人、コネ


  • Your connections (usually plural) are people you know who can help you because of their position or influence.
  • connections (通常、複数形で使います)とは、その地位や影響力のために、自分を助けることができる知人のことです。



  1. I don't really enjoy these conferences, but it's a great way to make business connections.
  2. Do you have any connections in the fashion industry?
  3. He said he'd be happy to use his connections to help you find an entry-level position.
  4. His success was due more to his connections than talent! Like they say, it's not what you know, but who you know.

英会話レッスンLet's do this again tomorrow, OK?