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We're glad to see you safely back again. Hopefully nothing too frightening happened to you last night. To help you recover from Halloween, we've chosen two bright, warm words to introduce you to on the first day of November. Enjoy them!
LIKE / LOVE   好む、好き/大好き

When you like something, you enjoy it or think it is good. To love something is to like it very much.

Like and love can be followed by a noun (for example, "I like musicals"), the "to" form of a verb (I love to dance), or the "-ing" form of a verb (I love dancing).

likeは、〜を好むという動詞で、loveは、like very much(大好き)という意味で使います。

likeもloveも後ろに名詞が来る場合があります。例: I like musicals.(ミュージカルが好きです) 動詞が来る場合は、to+動詞の原形を付けてI love to dance.(ダンスをするのが好きです)と言ってもいいですし、動詞の〜ing形を付けて、I love dancing. と言うこともできます。

1. a: Do you like my new hat?
   b: Yes, it's nice.

2. a: Do you like my new dress?
   b: I love it. It's beautiful!

3. a: What kinds of food do you like?
   b: My favorite food is pasta.

4. Sarah really likes talking on the phone, doesn't she? Her line is always busy.

5. Every child loves chocolate.

6. I used to love to lie in the sun when I was younger. It felt wonderful!


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