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Hello, again! Did you like yesterday's WordMaster? Well, we have 29 more for you this month. Try to use each of them as often as you can. We promise to make them as useful and enjoyable as possible.
HATE   ひどく嫌う、大嫌い

When you dislike (don't like) something very strongly, you hate it.

Hate follows the same rules as "like" and "love": It can be followed by a noun, the "to" form of a verb, or the "-ing" form of a verb.

(Be careful: Because hate is such a strong word, we often say "don't like" instead, even when we mean hate.)


注意: hateはとても強い言葉なので、大嫌いだと言いたいときでもdon't likeを使うことが多いです。

1. I hate this city. The air is dirty, there's too much noise and traffic, and it rains all the time.

2. a: What did you think of the movie?
   b: I hated it. There was so much violence.

3. I hate taking trains during rush hour, especially in the summer.

4. Adam hates to wear ties. That's why he takes his tie off as soon as he leaves the office.
We hate to say goodbye, but we'll be back soon!


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