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Welcome back from the weekend! We've got five more days of WordMaster all ready for you. We think it will be an interesting week for you, and we hope it'll be fun for you as well.

Here's your Monday WordMaster!
UNTIL/TILL vs. BY (Part 2)

Instead of an hour, date, or year, we can use a clause to talk about the time when using until and by

With by we usually say, "by THE TIME something happens/happened". 

But we can put the time clause immediately after until, as in "until something happens/happened".

(Be careful: We normally do not use the future tense in these time clauses. For example we do NOT say, "by the time he WILL arrive".)

untilと < by>の次に時間や日付、年などを言う代わりに、時間(期限)について説明する節を持ってくることができます。byを使うときは普通 by THE TIME+主語+動詞〜の形にします。untilは、until+主語+動詞〜になります。

注意: byuntilを使って時間について説明する節では、普通未来形は使いません。例えば "by the time he WILL arrive"とは言いません。

1. Stay here until I come back. This'll only take a few minutes.

2. I'll always love you. I'll love you till I die.

3. I've been working at the office so late recently that my children are usually asleep by the
I get home.

4. We're opening a savings account for our baby now. That way we'll have enough money by
   the time
he's ready for college.
Enjoy your Monday!


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