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Greetings! Welcome back. From today, we will be offering you a full week of ways to make requests and ask for permission. So, "If you don't mind ...," we'd like to begin.

COULD/WOULD YOU (do) ..., (PLEASE)?   〜してもらえますか

These questions are used to ask someone to do something for you -- to make requests. They are relatively polite, especially when "please" is added. Both are followed by the base form of the verb. 

(Be careful: Pay close attention to examples to see how to answer these questions.)


注意: これらの質問にどのように答えるか、例文をよく見てください。

1. (customer to waiter)
   a: Could you make my steak medium rare, please?
   b: Certainly, sir.

2. a: Could you drive? I'm rather tired.
   b: Sorry, but I just had a couple of beers. I probably shouldn't drive, either.

3. a: Would you give Mr. Taylor a message for me, please?
   b: Of course.
   a: Would you ask him to call me at my office after 4:00?
   b: Certainly. I'll give him the message.

4. a: Would you sign here on the dotted line, please?
   b: I'm sorry, but I'd like to talk with my wife about this first.

5. a: Would you let me use your laptop computer over the weekend?
   b: I'd rather not. It's very expensive.
Thanks for coming!


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