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Here's the Monday edition!
LIKE vs. WOULD LIKE   好きな vs.(できれば)欲しい

To say that you like something means that you enjoy it or think it is good. (See the 1 November 2000 WordMaster for more details.)

To say that you would like something means that you want it. (See the 2 February 2001 WordMaster for more details.)

(Be careful: Often we want to say that someone likes something in general; for example, "I like bananas" or "Gerald likes white wine." In this case, we do NOT say, "I like A banana" or "Gerald likes SOME white wine." 
On the other hand, we DO commonly say, "I would like a banana" or "Gerald would like some white wine" when REQUESTING these things.)

likeは、何かが好きだという意味です。(WordMaster 2000/11/1参照

would likeは、何かが欲しいという意味です。(WordMaster 2001/2/2参照

注意: 一般的な好みを言いたいとき、likeということばを使って、例えばI like bananas.とか Gerald likes white wine.のように言います。普通 I like A banana.とか Gerald likes SOME white wine.とは言いません。一方、バナナや白ワインが欲しいときは、would like を使って、 I would like a banana. Gerald would like some white wine.と言います。

1. I like baked potatoes.
   (= I sometimes have baked potatoes, and I enjoy them.)

2. I'd like a baked potato, please.
   (= I want a baked potato now.)

3. Janice likes science fiction movies.
   (= She sometimes sees science fiction movies, and she enjoys them.)

4. a: Did you like the movie? (= Did you enjoy it?)
   b: Yes, it was great!
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