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We're well into March now, and soon spring will have arrived! This is an exciting time of year, isn't it? 

Enjoy today's WordMaster!
AS MUCH AS/AS MANY AS 〜と同量の/〜と同数の

As much as and as many as mean "the same amount".

Use as much as for uncountable nouns and as many as for countable nouns.

(Be careful: We do NOT use "the same as" [for example, "the same money as"] when talking about amounts.)

as much asas many asは、数量が同じであることを意味します。

as much asは、数えられない名詞に、as many asは、数えられる名詞について言うときに使います。

注意: 数量について言うとき、the same asという言い方はしません。(例:the same money as)

1. I wish I had as much money as my rich uncle.

2. You can eat as much cake as you want; it's your birthday.

3. a: Are there as many people in San Francisco as in Tokyo?
   b: No, there are many more people in Tokyo.

4. I hope I live as many years as you, Grandpa.
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