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払い戻す / 払い戻しする / 払い戻しを受ける

To refund a customer's money is to return the money a customer paid for goods, services, etc. We can also say the same thing using the expression give a refund. The person who receives the returned money gets a refund.

(Be careful: The verb refund is pronounced "re-FUND", with the accent on the second syllable. The noun refund is pronounced "RE-fund".)

refundは、品物やサービスなどに対して払われたお金を返すという意味です。refundを名詞として使ってgive a refund(払い戻しする)と言うこともできます。払い戻しを受けると言いたいときは、get a refundという表現を使います。

注意: refundのアクセントは、動詞の場合は後ろ(-fundの部分)、名詞の場合は前(re-の部分)になります。

1. I'm sorry, sir, but we can only refund your money if you have a receipt.

2. Because Linda cancelled her flight the day before her departure, the airline only 
   refunded half the price of the ticket.

3. Don't buy it unless you're sure you like it. This store doesn't give refunds.

4. a: What's this store's return policy?
   b: We can give refunds up to a week after you buy the item. Of course, you'll have to 
      show us your receipt.

5. a: Did you get a refund for the broken watch?
   b: No, the shop just gave me a new watch.
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