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We've come to the end of another week and the end of our latest mini-series. Read today's WordMaster; then take another look at the WordMasters from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and try to keep the differences in mind when you use these words in the future.

Good luck!
(Sight -- Part 3) 見る ―― パート3

To look at something is to direct your sight at something in order to see it.

To watch something is to give attention to something for a period of time in order to see what it is doing or what will happen.

(Be careful: Although we can look at a person or object that is NOT moving, we usually watch someone or something that IS moving. For example, we look at a painting, but we do NOT "watch" it.)

* Read the 16 and 17 May 2001 WordMasters for more details on look at and watch.

look at は、見るために視線を向けるという意味です。

watch は、しばらくの間注意を向けて、何が行われているか、何が起こりそうかを見るという意味です。

注意: look at は、動いていない人や物を見るときに使えますが、watch は普通、動いている人や物を見るときに使います。例えば、look at a painting とは言いますが、"watch" a paintingとは言いません。

* 2001/5/162001/5/17のWordMaster参照

1.I don't like to look at myself in the mirror; I hate my hair.
2.It's fun to watch kittens play.
3.a:What are you looking at?
b:Some pictures of my parents when they were in high school.
4.(at a three-ring circus)
a:Look at that. The clown's juggling five balls at one time.
b:I can't right now. I'm watching the lion act.
5.(still at the circus) 
Watch this. The man's going to put his head into the lion's mouth.
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