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When something is difficult or does not go smoothly, you have trouble with it. For example if only warm air comes out of your air conditioner, you can say, "I'm having trouble with the air conditioner."

You can also say that you have trouble DOING something.
何かするときに問題があったり、スムーズにいかなかったりする場合、その状況をhave trouble withという表現で表すことができます。例えば、エアコンから温風しか出ないとき、I'm having trouble with the air conditioner.(エアコンの調子が悪いです)と言うことができます。

動詞の-ing形を使って、have trouble DOING(〜するのに問題がある、〜するのが困難だ)という言い方もあります。

1.Whenever I have trouble with my computer, I call Frank. He can fix any problem. 
2.(calling the office)
I'm sorry, but I'm going to be a little late this morning. I'm having some trouble with my car. 
3.If you have any trouble reaching me at my office, don't hesitate to call me at home.
4.a:Why do you think you need glasses?
b:Because recently I've been having trouble reading fine print.
5.a:Did you have any trouble finding your way here?
b:No, the directions you gave me were perfect.
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