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Are you ready for another Berlitz WordMaster? Today's continues the theme begun yesterday. Enjoy!
WORK (= function)     動く(=機能する)

To say that a machine or device works means that it functions properly.

(Be careful: We usually do NOT say that cars or engines "work"; we say they "run". [See the 11 June 2001 WordMaster.])


注意: 車やエンジンについて言うときは普通、workは使わず、runを使います。(2001/6/11のWordMaster参照

1.This pay phone isn't working. Can I use your cell phone?
2.The elevators aren't working, so you'll have to take the stairs.
3.a:I don't understand why the TV isn't working.
b:Are you sure it's plugged in?
4.This new rice cooker works much better than our old one. The rice is perfect every time.
5.a:How's your computer been working since you installed the new system?
b:It works well. No problems so far.
6.a:Do you know how this coffee maker works?
b:Sure. Just put some coffee beans in here, pour in some water, and press the switch. The machine does the rest.
See you again soon!


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