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Welcome to another Tuesday! What's so special about Tuesday, you ask? Okay, we know that for many people, Tuesday is a day without much personality. But there's really no reason why Tuesday can't be special, is there? Let's try to make it so!

Here's your (special?) Tuesday WordMaster!
GRADE (= score)   成績 【学業】

A grade is a letter, word (for example, "outstanding", "satisfactory", "pass", "fail"), or other symbol that rates a student's performance on schoolwork, on an exam, or in a course. One of the most common systems is to use the letters A (the highest grade), B, C, D, and F. 

To say that a student "gets good grades" means that he usually does well on his schoolwork, exams, etc.

* Also see the 7 August 2001 WordMaster, "SCORE (n)".

grade は、試験やその他の勉強の出来具合を文字や言葉― outstanding(優)、satisfactory(良)、pass(可)、fail(不可)など―または、シンボルなどで表したもの、つまり成績のことです。アルファベットで、A、B、C、D、F(Aが1番良い)と表す方法がよく使われます。

get good grades は、いつも良い成績をとっているという意味です。

* 2001/8/7の WordMaster "SCORE (n)" 参照
1.a:What grade did you get in Professor Evans' chemistry class?
b:He gave me a "B".
2.(a teacher to a student)
If you don't want your grade for the course to be less than an "A", you'll have to get a very high score on the final exam.
3.Andy must study pretty hard, because he always gets good grades.
4.My grades in high school weren't good enough for me to get into my first-choice college.
Have a terrific day!


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