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We've been cooking all day, just for you. So sit down and get ready for the WordMaster "Chef's Special" for Thursday. 

Bon appetit!
DISH vs. MENU   (1品の)料理 vs. メニュー

We call an individual item of food that makes up part of a meal -- for example, a plate of spaghetti, a salad, or a soup -- a dish.

The menu is the list of dishes and drinks that can be ordered at a restaurant.

(Be careful: In English, the word menu is NOT used to mean "dish". For example, we do NOT say, "Potato salad is my favorite menu.") 

個々の料理のことを dish といいます。例:スパゲティー、サラダ、スープ

menu は、料理の一覧表で、レストランなどのいわゆるメニューのことです。

注意: menu は、料理の意味では使われません。例えば Potato salad is my favorite menu. とは言いません。 
1.a:What's your favorite dish?
b:Baked ham.
2.When we go to a Chinese restaurant, we usually order several dishes and share.
3.Can we order a vegetarian dish or two? I don't eat meat.
4.a:How was the meal last night?
b:Fantastic. The main dish was Peking Duck.
5.(to a waiter)
Could you bring us a couple of menus please?
6.(to a waiter)
a:What's good on the menu today?
b:I recommend the leg of lamb or the Irish stew.
7.(a waiter to customers)
Would you like to see the dessert menu?
How was your meal? Come again soon. And don't forget to leave a tip!

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