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Well, can you believe it's October? We certainly can't. It seems that just yesterday we were celebrating the start of the summer, and now we're already into the second month of autumn. Don't get us wrong -- October is a beautiful month in Japan. It's just come so quickly that we find ourselves unprepared to welcome it properly.

But we hope you're prepared for another week of Berlitz WordMaster. Let's begin with ... well, the Monday edition, of course!
MORE THAN (10) vs. (10) OR MORE
(10)より多い vs.(10)以上

More than 10 includes the numbers 11, 12, 13, etc., but does NOT include the number 10 itself.

10 or more includes the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, etc. Note that the number 10 is also included.

more than 10 は、11、12、13、などの数字で、10は含みません。

10 or more は、10、11、12、13、などの数字で、10も含みます。
1.The meeting lasted more than four hours, but we didn't get much done.
2.I never have more than two cups of coffee a day. Two cups is my limit.
3.In China, few people have more than one child. The government discourages large families.
4.You have to have nine or more players to make a baseball team.
5.The coffee shop on the corner is giving away free coffee mugs when you buy five pounds of beans or more. But you have to buy at least five pounds, which is a lot of coffee.
All the best to you today and everyday!

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