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 Well, here we are again. All together, ready to share another beautiful week of life and learning, good company and good fun. Welcome back!

We'll be using this week to introduce five useful words and phrases, all using the word "use". (Reread the last sentence to see how USE-ful this word can be.)
USED (adj.)   中古の

To say that a thing is used means that it is not new and that it belonged to somebody before. (Pronounce "used" /yuzd/.)

形容詞の used は、新品ではなくて以前に誰かに使われていたという意味、つまり中古のという意味です。(used は、/yuzd/ と発音します。)
1.My uncle has made a fortune selling used cars.
2.I bought this computer used. It only cost 20,000 yen.
3.You can find some beautiful pieces at used furniture shops.
See you tomorrow!

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