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Welcome to the Friday WordMaster! We thought we would end this week with an expression that's fun and used often. And, yes, of course it contains the word of the week--our good friend "use"!
USE YOUR HEAD!   頭を使え!

If you say, Use your head! to someone, you are telling them to think. This expression is often used to criticize someone's actions. (Pronounce "use" /yuz/.)

誰かに Use your head! と言ったら、「よく考えろ!」という意味になります。この言い方は普通、誰かの行動を批判するときに使います。(use は、/yuz/ と発音します。)
1.Tommy, stop! Use your head, honey. You should never run while holding a scissors or ANYTHING sharp.
2.a:I can't open this jar.
b:That's because you're not using your head. You have to take the seal off first.
3.Why don't you use your head for once? This is the third time this month you've broken this machine. Just don't touch it anymore, okay?
Have yourself a very merry weekend!

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