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Hello again! It's mid-March and we couldn't be more pleased. How's the weather in your part of the country? Is spring in the air or is "Old Man Winter" hanging on stubbornly?

Although today's WordMaster feels more like winter than spring, we promise you we won't make it a habit.
DIED vs. DEAD   死んだ(動詞の過去形)vs. 死んでいる(形容詞)

Died is the past form of the VERB "die", which means to stop living.

Dead is an ADJECTIVE and means not alive. Dead describes the state which began the moment a person, animal, etc. died.

died は、die(死ぬという意味の動詞)の過去形です。

dead は、形容詞で、人や動物などが死んでいる状態を表します。
1.My grandmother died when she was 94 years old.
2.Millions of people died in World War II.
3.a:Look! There's a deer lying on the side of the road.
b:Is it dead?
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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