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A new office or school means questions, questions, and more questions. Thus, today's WordMaster...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions
CAN YOU SHOW ME HOW TO...?   〜のやり方/使い方を教えてもらえますか


  • A new employee or student will have many questions about how to do things. To ask someone to explain, the question Can you show me how to...? can be quite useful.
  • 新入社員や新入生は、いろいろな物事のやり方や使い方を聞きたいと思うことがよくあるでしょう。Can you show me how to...? (〜のやり方/使い方を教えてもらえますか)という表現を覚えておくと便利です。


  1. Can you show me how to use the copier?
  2. Can you show me how to transfer a call? I just hung up on a customer.

It's been fun!