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Welcome back to our weeklong road trip! We've picked up a few more passengers along the way, so we'll have to change to a bigger vehicle for the next two days. Get in and join us for the ride!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
MINIVAN vs. STATION WAGON   ミニバン vs. ステーションワゴン


  • A minivan is a box-shaped vehicle that is roomier than an ordinary car, but smaller than a bus or truck. A minivan is usually able to carry up to 7 passengers quite comfortably and often has a sliding side door.

    A station wagon is a long passenger car with a covered back end - for carrying large items or extra passengers - and a back door.
  • minivan  は、普通車より車内が広いボックス型の車ですが、バスやトラックよりは小型です。 minivan  は、普通、ゆったりと7人まで乗ることができ、スライド式のドアがついている場合が多いです。

    station wagon  は、車体が長い大型乗用車です。車内の後部は、大きな荷物を積んだり、座席にしたりすることができるようになっており、車体後部にドアがついています。


  1. Now that we have four children, don't you think it's time we buy a minivan ?
  2. (an agent at a car rental counter)
    I'm afraid we're all out of full-size cars. How about renting a minivan ?
  3. a: Surely we can't all go in the same car.
    b: Don't worry, we can all fit in the minivan .
  4. We should be able to put all the luggage in the back of my station wagon .
  5. Every summer, we would take our old blue station wagon to the mountains. My favorite seat was way in the back, facing the rear.

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