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Hi! Today we talk about the lead players in good nutrition. These are the three major building blocks that make up the food we eat. And since we are what we eat, they make up much of us as well.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
PROTEIN / CARBOHYDRATE / FAT   たんぱく質/炭水化物/脂肪


  • Protein, carbohydrate, and fat are natural substances found in food that the body needs in relatively large amounts to function properly. Among the many reasons we need these substances are the following: Protein is necessary for the body to grow and repair itself; carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body; and fat is a denser source of energy.

    Be careful:
    It is common to use protein and fat as uncountable nouns, but in daily use carbohydrate more frequently takes an "-s" and is used as a countable noun.
  • protein (たんぱく質)、carbohydrate (炭水化物)、fat (脂肪)は、食物中に存在する物質で、体の機能を正常に保つために比較的多く必要とされます。必要な理由はたくさんありますが、そのうちのいくつかを挙げてみましょう:protein は、成長と損傷の修復のため、carbohydrates は主なエネルギー源、fat は、濃縮された形のエネルギー源となります。

    protein と fat は、数えられない名詞として扱われるのが普通ですが、carbohydrate は、数えられる名詞として扱われる(-sをつける)場合が多いです。


  1. You don't have to eat animal products in order to get enough protein. Beans, grains, and other vegetables can provide all the protein your body needs.
  2. Many body-builders are on high-protein diets.
  3. My doctor recommended that I eat more carbohydrates and reduce the fat in my diet.
  4. Low-fat foods are becoming very popular in Japan.

So what will it be tonight: steak or a nice big salad?