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Hello! It's good to be here with you for another Tuesday WordMaster. We think you'll agree that today's edition is "special" in more ways than one!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
(BREAKFAST) SPECIAL   (モーニングサービス)、スペシャルメニュー


  • A special is a dish or set at a restaurant that is not available every day.

    Be careful:
    We do not use the expression "morning service" like the Japanese モーニングサービス to mean "breakfast special".
  • special は、そのレストランで特別の日にのみ食べることのできる料理のことです。

    モーニングサービスは和製英語です。英語では breakfast special と言います。


  1. Customer: What are your specials today?
    Waitress: Today we have lasagne, a club sandwich with avocado, and king salmon sauteed in butter.
  2. Customer: What does the breakfast special come with?
    Waiter: It comes with hash browns or toast.
  3. The lunch specials at that new deli are a great value.
  4. (a waiter to a customer)
    I'm afraid we're all out of the roast chicken special tonight. May I suggest the chicken with fresh herbs on our regular menu?

Thanks for spending this "special" time with us!