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Hello! Today's WordMaster is actually an introduction to next week's theme. You'll understand what we mean on Monday, but until then, look forward to another fun week, okay?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English


  • A playing card or card is one of a set of usually 52 small rectangular pieces of stiff paper used to play games like ババ抜き and 7並べ.

    Cards (always with an "-s") is any of the games played with playing cards.

    Be careful:
    In English we do NOT use the word "trump" like the Japanese トランプ to mean cards.
  • playing cards または cards は、通常52枚組の長方形のカードで、「ババ抜き」や「7並べ」のようなゲームをするためのものです。

    また、cards (必ず -s が付いた形)と言うと、トランプを使って遊ぶゲームという意味にもなります。

    trumpという単語は日本語の「トランプ」のように、cards の意味では使われません。


  1. (getting ready for a trip)
    Don't forget to pack some playing cards. We'll need something to do on the train.
  2. a: How was the party? 
    b: Fun. We made popcorn, played cards, and listened to music until about 1:00 in the morning.
  3. a: Do you like cards?
    b: I like poker. Do you want to play?
  4. How about a game of cards?
    Sorry, but the only card game I know how to play is solitaire.