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Welcome back! Did you enjoy the long weekend? Hope so.

This week we're going to "focus" on words relating to our eyes. Why? ... Well, we "see" no reason not to!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
WINK vs. BLINK   ウィンクする vs. まばたきする


  • To wink is to quickly close and open again ONE eye as a sign of friendliness, sexual interest, or to show that something is a joke.

    To blink is to quickly close and open again BOTH eyes.
  • wink は、片目をすばやくつぶって開ける動作をする、つまり、ウインクをする、という意味です。親しさを表す、異性への興味を示す、冗談であることを示す、などのためにする動作です。

    blink は、両目をすばやくつぶって開ける動作をする、つまり、まばたきをする、という意味です。


  1. As a joke, my boss told me I was fired. I thought he was serious until he winked and laughed.
  2. That man at the bar winked at you. I think he likes you.
  3. (playing a children's game)
    The first person to blink loses.
  4. a: Smile for the camera. Ready? He we go! (click)
    b: Oh no! I think I blinked!
  5. Child: Mommy, there's something in my eye!
    Mother: Blink a few times and it should come out.

We'll be back again in the blink of an eye!