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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
FRONT DESK   ホテルのフロント


  • The front desk is the desk or counter in a hotel where guests check in.

    Be careful:
    We don't use the word "front" alone like the Japanese フロント to mean the front desk.
  • front desk  は、ホテルの受け付けにある机、またはカウンターのことです。チェックインの手続きなどをするところです。

    日本語の「フロント」のように front だけでは front desk  の意味にはなりません。


  1. Guests fill out a registration form when they check in at the front desk.
  2. (instructions on a hotel room key)
    Please leave this key at the front desk when you leave the hotel for the day.
  3. (two hotel guests sharing a room)
    a: I can't believe it! I forgot to pack my alarm clock.
    b: Don't worry. I'll call the front desk and ask for a wake up call.

Time to check out!