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  • Your brother is a boy or man with the same parents as you.

    Your sister is a girl or woman with the same parents as you.

    Be careful:
    The Japanese words for brother and sister actually mean "older" or "younger" brother or sister. In English, this difference becomes less important. Normally, you just say brother or sister unless you need to make clear which brother or sister you're talking about to avoid confusion.
  • brother  は、自分と同じ両親を持つ男子、つまり、兄または弟という意味です。

    sister  は、自分と同じ両親を持つ女子、つまり、姉または妹という意味です。

    日本語では兄、弟、姉、妹のように、どちらが年上かがはっきりしていますが、英語ではこのような年齢の違いをそれほど重要視していません。年齢順をよっぽどはっきりさせたいとき意外は単に brother  または sister  と言うのが普通です。


  1. ("b" has only one sister)
    a: Is your sister married?
    b: Yes, she is. And she already has three children.
  2. ("b" has two brothers - one older and one younger)
    a: Which of your brothers do you get along with the best?
    b: My older brother. My younger brother and I are always fighting.
  3. (someone with two sisters - both older)
    My sister Ayano is starting college next year.

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