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WINE BOTTLE vs. BOTTLE OF WINE   ワインの瓶 vs. 瓶に入ったワイン


  • The expression wine bottle is used to talk specifically about the glass container wine comes in.

    The expression bottle of wine is used to talk about the bottle AND the wine inside.

    There are many other pairs of expressions with a similar relationship; for example, coffee cup / cup of coffee,milk carton / carton of milk,match box / box of matches, etc.

    Be careful:
    At a restaurant you should order a glass of wine not "glass wine" like the Japanese グラスワイン.
  • wine bottle  は、中身のワインではなく、ワインが入っている瓶のことをさします。

    bottle of wine  は、ワインの瓶と中身のワインの両方をさします。「瓶に入ったワイン」という意味です。

    他にも入れ物と中身の関係で同じような表現がたくさんあります。例:coffee cup / cup of coffeemilk carton / carton of milkmatch box / box of matches

    レストランで、グラスワインを注文したいとき、glass of wine  と言いましょう。日本語のように glass wine と言うのは間違いです。


  1. I use wine bottles to put cut flowers in. They make great vases.
  2. (at a restaurant)
    Let's order a bottle of wine, shall we? After all, it's your birthday!
  3. While I was in China, I bought a lovely set of rice bowls. I gave them to my sister as a wedding present.
  4. (eating dinner at home)
    Could I have another bowl of rice, please?

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