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For Life

Look who's back! It's great to see you again! This week we'll be bridging the last days of September and the first days of October. Each day should bring you a greater understanding of the English language. As Aesop said in one of his beloved stories: "Little by little does the trick!"

Today's Lesson
SHORT (OF)   不足した


  • To be short of a thing is to have less of it than you need.
  • short of  は、何かが不足している、という意味です。


  1. I'm a little short of money. Do you think you could lend me five dollars?
  2. Three of our people are sick with the flu, so we're a little short of staff this week.
  3. The bill is for ¥12,000, but we've only got ¥9000. We're ¥3000 short.
  4. When an airline sells too many tickets for a flight so that they're short a few seats, we say the flight's "overbooked".
  5. My mother's getting old. She gets short of breath just climbing the stairs these days.

Thanks for being here!