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For Life

Happy Thanksgiving! Seeing as it's a special day, we thought we'd talk about ... glasses! What did you expect? It IS the theme of the week after all!

Today's Lesson
BEND   曲げる、たわませる


  • To bend an object (such as the frames on a pair of glasses) is to damage it by using force to change its shape.
  • bend  は、何か(例えば、メガネのフレーム)に力を加えることによって、その形を変えてしまう、という意味です。


  1. (an optician to a customer)
    You should be careful to take your glasses off with both hands so you don't bend  the frames.
  2. a: What happened to your glasses?
    b: The baby got hold of them and bent the frames all out of shape.

Enjoy your turkey - or tonkatsu?