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Here we are again, beginning another December together. It's going to be a wonderful month! 

Let's start by looking at a series of words on vision and hearing problems. So if you don't mind, please cover your left eye and read the first line for us ...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words


  • A person is nearsighted  if he can see things that are close more clearly than things that are far away.

    A person is farsighted  if he can see things that are far away more clearly than things that are close.
  • 近くの物の方が遠くの物より見やすい(遠くのものがよく見えない)状態を nearsighted  といいます。

    遠くの物の方が近くの物より見やすい(近くのものがよく見えない)状態を farsighted  といいます。


  1. Many students first find out that they're nearsighted  when it becomes difficult to read what the teacher writes on the board.
  2. I heard that nearsighted  people can't become pilots. Is that true?
  3. I'm so nearsighted  I'm not able to leave the house without my glasses.
  4. Many people start to become farsighted as they get older. That's why reading glasses are called 老眼鏡 in Japanese.
  5. Dad becomes more and more farsighted every year. Without his glasses, he can hardly even see the food on his plate.

Until tomorrow!