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How are you today? Up to now, we've been "focussing" on the eyes and vision. Today we move over to the ears and hearing. So listen up!

Today's Lesson


  • A person is hard of hearing if he cannot hear well.
  • 耳がよく聞こえない状態のことを hard of hearing  と言います。


  1. (asking a passerby for the time)
    a: Excuse me. Do you have the time?
    b: Pardon me. You'll have to speak louder - I'm hard of hearing.
    a: (shouting) WHAT TIME IS IT?
  2. Dad is getting hard of hearing, but he refuses to see a doctor about it.
  3. There are some very exciting new technologies for people who are hard of hearing.

Now hear this! We expect you back tomorrow, okay?