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For Life

It's lovely to have you here on a Friday! We end our series on vision and hearing problems with the extreme case of both.

Today's Lesson
BLIND / DEAF   盲目の/耳が聞こえない


  • A person is blind  if he cannot see.

    A person is deaf  if he cannot hear.
  • blind  は、目が見えない、という意味です。

    deaf  は、耳が聞こえない、という意味です。


  1. Helen Keller was both deaf and blind
  2. My greatest fear is to go blind.
  3. It takes courage to offer help to a blind person.
  4. The deaf  (= deaf people ) use sign language to communicate.
  5. a: Was Patti born deaf?
    b: No, she lost her hearing in an accident.

May the weekend be good to you!