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Today's Lesson
TABLE FOR (TWO)   (2)人用の席


  • A table at a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. at which two people can sit (or are already sitting) is called a table for two. We can also say a table for four, a table for seven, etc.
  • レストランや喫茶店などの2人用の席のことを table for two  と言います。もちろん人数に応じて、table for four (4人用の席)、table for seven (7人用の席)などと言うこともできます。


  1. (making a reservation by phone)
    I'd like to reserve a table for two for Christmas Eve. Something quiet near the fireplace, please.
  2. (after entering a restaurant)
    CUSTOMER: A table for four, please.
    HOSTESS: Of course. We have a nice table by the window I think you'll like. If you'll follow me, please...
  3. (a waitress to the cook)
    The table for six in the corner wants to know when their food will be ready.

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