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The start of a new year is a time of hope and a great opportunity to make plans for the future. Often these plans include getting in shape (once and for all!). So today and tomorrow let's look at common ways to slim down and firm up!

Today's Lesson
(GO) ON A DIET   ダイエットを している(始める)


  • To BE on a diet is to eat less - or only limited kinds of - food in order to lose weight. To GO on a diet is to start a diet.

    Also see the 11 November 2002 WordMaster, "DIET",

    We can also use diet as a verb to mean "be on a diet".
  • BE on a diet  は、体重を減らすために、食事を減らしたり、食べる種類を制限したりしている状態、つまり、ダイエットをしている、という意味です。GO on a diet  は、ダイエットを始める、という意味です。

    02/11/11 のWordMaster "DIET" 参照 

    diet  は、be on a diet の意味で、動詞として使うことができます。


  1. I've been on a diet for three months, but haven't lost a pound. 
  2. I promised myself I would go on a diet after the New Year's holiday.
  3. My doctor told me I need to lose about ten kilograms, so I guess I have to go on a diet.
  4. It's not fun eating out with my friends anymore. They're always dieting, and all they want to eat is salads and fruit.

See you tomorrow!