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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
(DESKTOP / LAPTOP) COMPUTER   (デスクトップ/ラップトップ、ノート)パソコン


  • A desktop computer  is a computer that is small enough to put on a desk, but not small enough to be carried around easily.

    A laptop computer  is a computer that folds shut like a book and is small enough to be carried around easily.

    Be careful[1]:
    These days, it is much more common to simply use the word computer  rather than "personal computer". However, we continue to use the short form of "personal computer" - "PC". Be careful[2]: Laptop computers  are sometimes called "notebook computers". But the word "note" - like in the Japanese ノートパソコン - should NOT be used to mean "notebook".
  • desktop computer  は、机の上には乗せられるけれども、持ち歩くには大きすぎるサイズのパソコンのことです。

    laptop computer  は、本のように折りたたむことができ、持ち歩くのに適した大きさのパソコンです。

    :最近は、personal computer と言うより、computer  と一語で言う方が一般的です。けれども personal computer を短くした PC という言い方は今でもします。

    注意[2]: laptop computer  は、notebook computer と呼ばれることもあります。ただし、日本語の「ノートパソコン」のように notebook のことを短く note とは言いません。


  1. Since I got my new computer, I'm able to finish my work in half the time. But now my boss gives me twice as much work to do!
  2. My old desktop computer  was so big that I didn't have any work space left on my desk.
  3. I see a lot of people in coffee shops working on their laptop computers.
  4. This laptop  weighs only a kilogram and has a battery that lasts 8 hours without recharging.

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