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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Idioms and Compound Verbs
COME WITH   〜が付いている


  • If something comes with  another thing, the first thing is included with the second.

    Be careful:
    In English, we can often use come with  in either direction. For example we can say, "The software comes with  the computer," and we can also say, "The computer comes with  the software." These two sentences mean the SAME thing!
  • come with  は、何かに何かが付いている、という意味です。

    come with  の前に来るものと後に来るものを入れ替えて言うことができます。例えば、The software comes with  the computer. と The computer comes with  the software. は、どちらも同じ意味になります。英語では、どちらがどちらに付属しているかは問題ではありません。


  1. CUSTOMER: What does the Hawaiian burger special come with?
    WAITER: It comes with  your choice of French fries, onion rings, or baked beans.  
  2. (written at the top of a menu)
    All meals come with  soup, salad, dessert, and coffee or tea.
  3. (a salesman at an electronics store)
    All of our DVD players come with  a 3-year warranty.
  4. I was sent to Virginia to open a new branch office there. The job came with  a three-story house and a car.
  5. a: Did the furniture come with  the house?
    b: No, we bought the furniture ourselves.

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