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Hello! We'll be focussing on traditional Japanese hobbies for the next three days. So slip into leisure mode because this is downtime, off-time, your own time, playtime - the old-fashioned way!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
CALLIGRAPHY   美しい手書き文字、カリグラフィー・書道


  • Calligraphy  is beautiful handwriting, usually done with a special pen or brush.

    Calligraphy  is also the art of producing such handwriting.

    Be careful[1]:
    We can call 書道 "Japanese calligraphy". Be careful[2]:
    When used to mean actual handwriting, calligraphy  is countable, but the art of calligraphy  is uncountable.
  • calligraphy  は、美しい手書き文字で、普通、特殊なペンや筆を使って書かれます。

    calligraphy  は、美しい手書き文字を書く芸術、という意味もあります。

    注意[1]:日本の「書道」は、Japanese calligraphy  と言うことができます。 注意[2]:「美しい手書き文字」という意味のときは数えられる名詞、そのような文字を書く「芸術」という意味のときは、数えられない名詞として扱われます


  1. My daughter made her wedding invitations herself. Isn't the calligraphy  beautiful!  
  2. Children spend a lot of time practicing writing Kanji characters, and everyone learns Japanese calligraphy  in school. So people's handwriting is generally very neat.
  3. My grandmother is learning Japanese calligraphy.  Her class is going to have an exhibit of their work next Saturday.

We've enjoyed seeing you again!