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Here's a classic pair of "Commonly Confused Words". And given the importance of this resource to all of us, these are two words you should be sure you know how to use properly!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
SOIL vs. DIRT   土 vs. 土、泥、汚れ


  • Soil  is the material on the ground in which trees and plants grow.

    Dirt  can be used to mean soil,  but it's often used in a negative way to mean something - such as soil, mud, or dust - that makes a surface dirty (NOT clean).
  • soil  は、地表にある物質で、その上に木や植物が育つもの、つまり、土のことです。

    dirt  は、soil  の意味でも使われますが、表面を汚すような悪いイメージの物―泥、ほこり、汚れなど―を意味することがよくあります。


  1. It's hard to grow anything in this light, sandy soil.  
  2. The dark, rich soil  of the American Midwest has made it one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world.
  3. She put the plant in a clay pot, then filled the pot with dirt.
  4. He came home with dirt  on his face and clothes. He'd been fighting again.
  5. I can't get the dirt  out of the carpet!

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