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There's food and there's food. Today you learn the difference!

Today's Lesson


  • To say that a food or ingredient is natural  means that no chemical substances have been added or that it comes from nature and was not made by man.

    Artificial  means NOT natural.
  • 食品や食材について natural  と言うと、化学物質が加えられていない、とか、人工的に作られたものではなく自然の産物だ、という意味になります。

    artificial  は、natural  の反対の意味です。


  1. They carry a great all- natural  granola at that supermarket.
  2. There's nothing artificial  in this cake. It's made with 100% natural  ingredients.
  3. (company PR)
    We make candy that's safe for children to eat, with no artificial  colors or sweeteners.

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